Organisational factors: CRM software solutions for business

CRM software solutions for business In the past, the prevailing wisdom was that business success simply meant gaining and keeping customers. But the world has changed, with structural innovations, increasingly demanding and differentiated consumers and previously unforeseen competition creating a new paradigm of long-term relationship retention. Businesses are looking to CRM software solutions to cope […]

Mobile Workforce Solution Cloud Based

Mobile workforce solution Looking for a mobile workforce solution? Learn about FlowLogic: a sophisticated cloud solution that will help the mobile worker improve outcomes, operate efficiently and meet the expectations of today’s clients. FlowLogic is 100 per cent mobile ready. This allows you to work from anywhere – on a desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile device. FlowLogic […]

Digital Marketing: new communication dynamics

Digital Marketing: new communication dynamics Digital Marketing is everywhere. Effective marketing is the key to making your product or business stand out from the crowd. Traditional marketing wisdom tells us that all marketing communications need to do these things: Differentiate your products from your competitors’ Remind people of their need for the product Reassure them […]

Cloud Based Content Strategy Creation

Cloud Based Content Strategy: Building a foundation A  good cloud based content strategy includes good communication because communication is everything. In business, the way your company communicates is the key to your success, or failure. You are being judged, by the interactions those outside your business have with your staff on the phone or via emails, […]

Case Management NDIS Aged Care Showreel

Here is a promotional video for your viewing. FlowLogic a CRM and case management solution, incorporates all necessary features like bulk claims, compliance checks and manage clusters and are built on a scalable architecture that can start small but adjust to growing volumes of user and data. FlowLogic’s technology integration and project management expertise to […]

E-Business Explained, Challenges and Opportunities

E-Business Explained, Challenges and Opportunities. What is e-business? Many organisations are creating opportunities by conducting business in the cloud. But for some traditional businesses, the idea of e-business can be daunting. So, are you ready for the change? Are you ready to embrace e-business opportunities? Including a Google Slide Show at the end of this […]

Mobile self service client portal cloud solution

Are you a community service provider? You need to know about Mobile Cloud Self Service Client Portals for integrated service delivery. Many government organisations and large businesses are embracing the need for strong self-service and mobile solutions to better engage with customers and clients. The front office has gone digital, which has required a rethink […]

FlowCRM Social Gamified CRM Teaser

  With over 10 years of industry experience we provide Social CRM, eCRM, Case Management and mobile ready Cloud Solutions for NDIS, Aged Care, Social Services and JobActive. FlowCRM, a highly sophisticated gamified social CRM self built and optimised for Australian Community Service Providers to stay compliant, competitive, productive and profitable. Your success is an […]

Social cloud statistics Australia

Social cloud statistics Australia and how Australian people and businesses are using social media. Article inspired by the 2015 edition of the Sensis Social Media Report and we added all relevant links at the end of the article with the link to download the full report. Australians continue to embrace technology through use of internet […]

Gamification Social CRM Defined

Gamification Social CRM defined focus for Australian Community Service Providers or anyone interested in Gamification. Gamification is a business strategy which applies game design techniques and uses techniques in a non-gaming context to engage employees and clients. Gamification the latest trend by several experts allows you to analyse, change behaviours and develop skills to drive […]