Social Media CRM

What is Social CRM? Benefits, impact and processes. Social CRM, a social way of thinking about customer relationship management and engagement that focuses on using social media to enhance customer experience. Social CRM is still in its early days but customers are fundamentally changing the dynamics of the marketplace. The holy grail of social media […]

FlowLogic FlowPoint Client Self Service Portal Teaser

  With over 10 years of industry experience we provide Social CRM, eCRM, Case Management and mobile ready Cloud Solutions for NDIS, Aged Care, Social Services and JobActive. FlowPoint, a highly sophisticated client self service portal built and optimised for Australian Community Service Providers to stay compliant, competitive, productive and profitable. Your success is an […]

Cloud Based Custom Mobile Development

How can we employ custom mobile development to improve client experience, productivity and business results? Australia’s companies are under pressure to work faster, smarter and more efficient. Accessing core data securely from mobile devices is key to reach those goals. Mobile solutions that enable business units and employees to perform and compete more effectively are […]

Cloud CRM and Case Management Software Teaser

Our FlowLogic, a highly sophisticated Cloud CRM and Case management system built and optimised for Australian Community Service Providers to stay compliant, competitive, productive and profitable. Service providers must establish an infrastructure to support the new Government requirements, or they may be subject to failure. Your success is an important factor in the success of […]

Customer Cloud Portal Self-service Solution

Cloud PORTAL for Customer Engagement & self-service Datanova introduces ‘FlowPoint’ a cloud portal preloaded with functions to engage and self-service your customers. FlowPoint works and is optimised for FlowLogic our sophisticated Cloud CRM Solution, designed to address the needs of Australian Community Care organisations will help you improve outcomes, operate efficiently, and meet the expectations […]

Cloud Customer Experience

Cloud Customer Experience for Community Service Providers, how to develop Journey Maps to improve Service Delivery Become customer-focused, more efficient and deliver outcomes that will help your company achieve its objectives. Service providers in the not-for-profit sector are facing a structural change in their business – from a government funding model to a user-pays system. […]

CRM Strategy and Processes

How Australian Community Care Providers Can Best Use CRM Strategy and Processes Customer Relationship Management is not only about technology. Applying CRM principles to the public sector is about enabling vision, strategy, and process change – it is using client centric principles to redefine and transform the delivery of government services to constituents. CRM can […]

CRM eCRM mCRM Case Management Cloud Solution

Why Public Sector CRM? The Government vision for reform is guided by three principles. Government should be Citizen-centered, not bureaucracy-centered; Results-oriented; (and) Market-based. These reforms will progressively offer competitive, high quality services that meet the needs of the Australian population. The current standards for quality are under review. Google Slide Show Unleash the power: CRM […]

Datanova attending NDS QLD Conference 2016

We are excited to announce that Datanova will be attending the NDS QLD Conference 2016 on Monday 11th and Tuesday 12th of April at the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre. The focus of this conference is on “Shaping the future – preparing for change” relating to the NDIS rollout. The new NDIS is a significant […]