Mobile game-based learning system

A mobile game-based learning system for improving learning achievements (m-learning) In the past decade, the mobile phone industry and development of the mobile internet has been explosive. Mobile phones have become powerful mini computers and allows to develop a effective mobile game-based learning system. Thanks to user interaction with these ubiquitous devices and their use […]

Social media content marketing

The importance of social media content marketing Academics and professionals all around the world have been fascinated by the effect social media content marketing has on a business’s brand. In a paper delivered to the International Conference on Marketing and Retailing last year, a group of academics from Malaysia explored how social media content marketing […]

Effective CRM systems: A marketing attitude

CRM as a marketing attitude Effective CRM systems, or customer relationship management, relates to the aspects of exchange that a business has with its customers. But CRM isn’t just a piece of software – it covers all aspects of an organisation which has a relationship with the customer. CRM examines how a business works with […]

Gamification CRM Case Management Australian Non-Profit Market

Game on: Gamification CRM Case Management in the Australian Non-Profit Market We examine Gamification, Customer relationship management and Case Management as a communication and customer engagement tool for non-profit organisations in Australia. Building on the findings of consumer research regarding brand recall and associations, as well as the psychology of gaming, we identify processes through […]

Self-service portal

Cloud self-service portal takes service to a new level Feedback from customers has shown there is a desire for chat functionality with e-commerce platforms. As a result we have introduced a new multi-channel customer feedback management offering. And we think this breadth and depth will really impress. We’re also kicking off some new work on […]

Organisational factors: CRM software solutions for business

CRM software solutions for business In the past, the prevailing wisdom was that business success simply meant gaining and keeping customers. But the world has changed, with structural innovations, increasingly demanding and differentiated consumers and previously unforeseen competition creating a new paradigm of long-term relationship retention. Businesses are looking to CRM software solutions to cope […]

Mobile Workforce Solution Cloud Based

Mobile workforce solution Looking for a mobile workforce solution? Learn about FlowLogic: a sophisticated cloud solution that will help the mobile worker improve outcomes, operate efficiently and meet the expectations of today’s clients. FlowLogic is 100 per cent mobile ready. This allows you to work from anywhere – on a desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile device. FlowLogic […]

Digital Marketing: new communication dynamics

Digital Marketing: new communication dynamics Digital Marketing is everywhere. Effective marketing is the key to making your product or business stand out from the crowd. Traditional marketing wisdom tells us that all marketing communications need to do these things: Differentiate your products from your competitors’ Remind people of their need for the product Reassure them […]