Social media marketing CRM to social CRM Strategy

Social media marketing CRM to social CRM Strategy Social media is a must for an organisation to remain competitive on the market. Social Media is a tool to manage relationships with customers and keep them closer. The use of social media marketing represents a strong factor in developing a CRM strategy. CRM considers the client […]

2016 Social Media Report

2016 Sensis Social Media Report Review The Sensis Social Media Report is a survey of Australian consumers and businesses on how social media channels are being used.Tracking the confidence and behaviour of Australia’s small and medium enterprises (SMEs), the Sensis e-Business Report contains some interesting information about how this nation’s business owners and managers think. […]

Search engine marketing and business performance

CRM as a marketing attitude Thanks to information technology and network development, e-business has become a new economic mode and has evolved to play an important role in people’s daily lives. This is especially evident with the rise of online shopping – more and more consumers are searching for information and ordering goods online. The […]

Mobile social media: New element of digital marketing

Mobile social media: The new hybrid element of digital marketing communications It is difficult to imagine our lives without mobile phones. According to a the Household Use of Information Technology Australia in 2014-15, “Australians on an average own 3 digital devices and ownership of many digital, mobile and connected devices has reached critical mass. […]

Digital innovation strategy: improving digital service innovation

Digital innovation strategy: Framework for diagnosing and improving digital product and service innovation The perils and promises of the digital world. Digital technology has become increasingly important as companies seek to achieve their business goals. However, recent research has highlighted difficulties in evaluating the value generated by digital technology investments. In the 1990s, a first […]

Gamification marketing campaigns

Gamification marketing campaigns: What is gamification?
 Experts seem to agree that gamification relates to the use of game design in non-game environments. In the past few years, gamification concepts have been successfully applied to a variety of fields such as consumer products, education, idea competitions, citizen science and marketing. Goals of these applications include increasing […]

SMEs Best practice social marketing strategy

SMEs Best practice social marketing strategy The internet has created many new ways businesses can reach consumers. These include online marketing tools such as blogs, podcasts and social media. Businesses can overcome geographical barriers and interact with consumers through online communities and social networks. Academics analysed the best practices related to the use of social […]

Cloud Computing: IT Workforce Slow Adoption

The Slow Adoption of Cloud Computing and IT Workforce Cloud computing created many new opportunities for organisations across the world. Presently, Cloud services are available at affordable prices and accessible for all scales of businesses. The economic benefits of this wider acceptance to adopting Cloud computing are enormous and many companies have embraced Cloud computing […]

Mobile CRM: Business benefits mobile marketing

Mobile CRM: Business benefits mobile marketing The use of mobile phones in Australia represents an outstanding business opportunity. Almost 80% of Australians surveyed have one, an increase of nearly 10% on last year. There are roughly 15 million smartphones in use in Australia and that doesn’t include the millions of used devices stashed in drawers, […]

Content Marketing: New Trends Marketing Strategies

The Review of Content Marketing as a New Trend in Marketing Strategies Content marketing can be defined as a management process where a firm identify, analyse and satisfy customer demand to gain profit with the use of digital content distributed through electronic channels. Information is integral to marketing. There is a close relationship between marketing […]