Cloud Based Custom Mobile Development

How can we employ custom mobile development to improve client experience, productivity and business results?

Australia’s companies are under pressure to work faster, smarter and more efficient. Accessing core data securely from mobile devices is key to reach those goals. Mobile solutions that enable business units and employees to perform and compete more effectively are equally important. For “strategically important,” mission critical opportunities and applications with unique requirements,custom mobile solutions offer significant advantages for companies.
Often the most complex requirement in deploying mobile cloud solutions for companies is integrating with back-end systems and databases. Naturally, custom mobile solutions can be tightly coupled with enterprise systems while off-the-shelf apps may require either middle ware or custom installations to make them work. Companies developing applications that require tight integration with back-end systems will generally find that custom mobile solutions are best fit.

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Mobile web browsing surpassed desktop web browsing in 2015.

Companies and personal mobile devices for work-related purposes

Interestingly, in many cases employees are taking it upon themselves to find, download and use mobile apps for work-related purposes, often on their own personal mobile devices. A risky approach and should be controlled by a mobile device management software which allows distribution of applications, data and configuration settings. However, mobile solutions are too important for companies to rely on a fragmented, ad hoc process and hope for the best. Relying on a systematic process, leading companies are identifying and building custom mobile solutions and gaining competitive advantage and positioning.

Is your mobile data Government compliant?

In the world of Australian Community Service Providers requirements are getting complex and the industry is facing unique challenges. Most companies are not aware of that company data may is hosted in a none compliant environment being at risk. Or stored on servers in a data centre not approved, or even worse on a personal devices of a worker. Ask your mobile development partner about is the data stored in the data centre or in the cloud are compliant with your Government contract. Government regulation and compliance issues exist throughout the industry because the stakes are so high for participants or clients – in some cases it is a matter of life and death.

Custom Mobile Development ideas for Australian non-profit organisation

Some suggestions you may want to consider is to get your members talking to each other and joining in events and activities. We are in a society where we are constantly looking for up-to-date information and our phones are within reach at all times. There are numerous angles your non-profit can take to create a client self service portal and provide a personalised experience. Traditionally, for your non-profit organisation, being mobile can mean any of the following things:

  • Optimising your website, content, and donation forms for mobile devices.
  • Mobile messaging — increasing your communication with your members.
  • Online payments providing a way for your clients to pay through their mobile devices.
  • A appointment and booking system through your own company portal.
  • Online application, Accessing secure member-only content.
  • Profile updates, Renewals, Event registration.
  • Online community participation – discussion forums and blog.

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Choose a mobile development partner

Datanova has developed mobile solutions for mission critical processes shared across participating companies, including social service providers, child care and others. Innovative companies are engaging with software companies, incubators, and accelerators to identify and work on solutions related to their businesses, giving them early access to compelling new concepts, solutions and talent. We would love to hear about your exciting ideas for a project.

Mobile is becoming the preferred method of discovering, consuming, and sharing information.

Agile flexible development to the heart of mobile development

Building mobile solutions involves Concept – Design – Develop – Deploy – Support and a mobile development partner should have perspectives on mobile strategy, suggesting creative solutions and alternative approaches. Accurately projecting cost, timing, ROI and other implications of options for custom mobile solutions. For mobile application development, teams like agile software development, which offers tremendous opportunities and value to build applications in short cycles.

The major advantage of this method is that developers are able to respond to changes in requirements as they arise. Clients have the opportunity to request modifications even at the later stages of development, which is very important to meet the market challenges and enjoy a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Design at the heart of mobile development

Design at the heart of mobile development, from feature to functionality and look and feel visible to users. Good designs allow users to accomplish tasks from screen to screen with ease and efficiently. Flaws in design can be damaging, resulting in solutions that are not practical, difficult to use and abandoned by users. The quality of design often determines whether users are satisfied with mobile solutions or frustrated to use. A great design removes barriers to could give clients a truly helpful experiences. As with mobile websites, mobile apps design help users complete their tasks and make it easy to navigate.

Accessing back-end databases and applications

Unfortunately, mobile integration is no easy task. The ever-present urge to add new functionality to existing software packages has caused some software spillover in business applications. In order to support common business processes and mobile data sharing across applications, these applications need to be integrated. In some cases mobile solutions involve users accessing multiple applications running on multiple platforms in different locations.

Helping clients design and implement integration solutions, we repeatedly came across that business users have to access more than one system to answer a specific question or to perform a single business function. Integration can become a challenge when exchanging highly sensitive data. Poor software implementation means not compliant and can render the most secure solutions vulnerable. Our dedicated team works hand in hand with clients and their requirements for delivering best solutions in a collaborative style.


Deploying Cloud Based Custom Mobile Development Solutions

Once a solution is ready for release, proper training and technical support is paramount. The goal is to insure that the solution gets adopted and fully utilised with minimal disruption to business, end-users and clients. It is critical to monitor performance on key metrics and confirm users’ experience matches expectations.

Datanova is a one-stop shop for designing, developing and validating client-specific mobile custom cloud solutions that are intuitive for users across a variety of device platforms. We achieve best experiences with clients collaboration throughout the build process. Take your non-profit to the next level, try out our free webinar.

Manage content for a a truly mobile client and staff experience

FlowPoint is a powerful client portal solution that allows you not only to manage content but also to build assets for web and mobile. Gives you a chance to directly affect your clients’ experience by assisting them via live chat, co-browsing or self-help. Feedback option can be added to in order to assess the performance of customer service teams and make sure that the voice of customers is heard and acted upon.

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About Datanova: Over the last 12 years Datanova has gained a wealth of experience working with various social service providers. All have varying requirements and localised approaches to executing and delivering care. Our collaborative approach to developing our cloud based data systems in conjunction with our end user community means we always evolve our systems with the direct input of the industry. Creators of FlowLogic a Case Management Solution for Social Services CRM.
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